Monday, November 28, 2011


The subject of this picture is too beauty.
I won't let any lesbians and guys jerking-off
in front of your screen. TQ
Hello Readers. It has been a year that I've quitted from blogging. Yes, a year. In a year, so many things happened that made people changed. And in a year, I have no GIRLFRIEND/S. YES! NO GIRLFRIENDS! I'm proud of my handsome-self. Ahaha. And hence, for today, this handsome boy wanna tells a story about his girlfriend.

Errr, I have no idea from where I have to start. Ok let's make it easy.

I met this girl, a pretty, demure, one with a 'kuning langsat- skinned' one day, after a tutiton class. It was Additional Maths if I'm not mistaken. Heyy I'm very good at manipulating formulas and forming calculations you know! Never under-estimates my abilty! HHAHA. Ok back to the track, I was with my friend, a handsome one, named F****. Hehe people said we're gay couple, everytime we're riding bikes together. Pelik ==" Naik moto sama2 pun kena cop gay ke? 

And, this girl, I never knew her before since that day, and I don't even know that we were at the same school. Erghhh pity me ! I have limited amount of outsourcing links lah weh! That day, this F**** showed more interest on her, he's a brain- addling me. Damn. I said ' If you want to have sex just go in, none of my business ! '. Haha. And I went back home with a happy- hungry- hunky hearted. I ignored that girl as I thought that she will not going to be 'someone' in my heart. Well, I was wrong. :)

We met again. This time was in my classroom. She came to me. I was revising my Biology. She sit. Silent. No word spoken. The situation was peculiar so I'm the one that started our conversation. We chat. She was using a Blackberry and I was like 'Wow'. Yela masa jd budak skolah, BB tu mmg org salut la. Budak2 mane ade duet. And I found that she's interesting. And there is something inside her that mesmerised me, and my head was overwhelmed thinking of it. So I decided to have her phone number and I asked my friend for it. That night she called me. We chat, again. I hate the part that she called me 'Daun'. Aku tau la aku kuruih. Herghh. And... Time passes by, we hve known each other for a long time, and I really liked her. Eventually we became a couple. A loving one I guess. People hates me, people envy me. But what do I care.

After a while, I just to get to know that this girl is a daughter of a very very very rich man. Then aku jadi sangat segan. We came from a different social status. I was thinking of luxury handbags, shoes and girls' stuffs which I can't afford to buy. Even my mama pun x pakai la handbag LV, Fendi ke. Stakat Carlo Rino tu mampu la. But I was wrong. She wasn't that type. I feel relieved. Again, time passes by until my mum knew about our relationship. Mak aku mcm excited gila! Yela before ni aku mana ada girlfriend so dia dah fikir bukan2. grrrrrr.

This girl came to my house during my housewarming ceremony, with her brother. Heee abang dia HANDSOME. I was glad that she came, even for 15 minutes. HAHA. But the gladdest is my mum la of course. Since then, our relationship was blessed. I am the happiest guy on earth! Phewww! KLCC is mine! - macam tu la perasaan aku.

Ade satu hari, aku accident moto. 3 hari kaki kanan aku x bole gerak. Walawehhhh REMPIT GILA AKU! Haha. She was the one who was very concerned about my condition, every 10 minutes I received calls. Haha naek rimas aku! But I like that situation. My wounds were very deep. Pain. But my heart was blooming. BLOOOM BLOOOM. Haha. 

But unexpectedly our relationship doesn't last long. Only for a year. I'm not telling you guys why it's just ended. Bukannya korang nak tau pon kan. Aku bukan Qy, n ex-gf aku bukan Yuna pon. Actually byk sgt aku nk cerita, but I keep those sweetest and most-pain parts for myself lah.

Tapi, bagi aku, a year is 'something' for a puppy love. Sekarang masing2 dah masuk universiti, she's also a UiTM student at Perak, currently busy with her fans and assignments , and eating Maggi, I guess. HAHA. So we went through our paths. Still keep in touch, tp dah jarang.
Sepanjang aku dkt universiti ni, aku TAK PERNAH JUMPA SORANG PEREMPUAN PUN YANG BOLEH GANTI TEMPAT DIA DALAM HATI AKU. Mungkin sekrang aku dah x cinta dia mcm aku rasa dulu, tapi rasa sayang tu masih ada. I do stalked her FB profile everyday. ;-)

I do think of marriage, but I take it in a way of not going to have it for these few years. Get my ACCA and degree first :)
Bye ! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hello. Maaak ai. Aku ada blog sendiri rupanya. Ok xpe kita proceed dgn ape yang aku nk cerita.


'Tersebutlah kisaaaaaah... ', eh bersyair pulak. Tak ape suara aku sedap macam Kak
Ning Baizura, artis kegemaran aku. 

Well, aku just nak cakap yang aku tak faham kenapa dalam dunia ni penuh dengan manusia yang penuh dengan hasad dengki. Kenapa tak boleh nak tengok orang lain lebih sikit daripada kau? Kenapa? Kenapa?
Kenapa kau nak bagi orang sakit hati dengan perbuatan kau? Apa tak cukup ke apa kau dah ada? Aku rasa hidup kau lagi lengkap daripada aku yang baru nak naik ni. Kau ada kereta, kau ade rumah, kau ada kerja tetap yang menjanjikan kau gaji beribu riban sebulan. Kau mampu nak beli boxer mahal2 dekat mall besar2. Aku? Aku nk makan nasik lauk campur kat Seksyen 2 tu pun kena fikir 2 3 4 5 kali kau tau tak?! Kau ade girlfriend yang cantik, yang sentiasa berada di samping kau. Kau dah hidup lama. Tak boleh ke bagi peluang dekat aku yang 'kecik' ni nak rasa apa yang kau rasa? Tak boleh ke?! Perlu ke kau nk melahar jari kau taip mcm2 kt social network mengutuk mengata mengeji aku?  Tak boleh ke nk tgk aku bahagia? Susah sgt ke? Aku pun manusia, ada hati, ada perasaan. Dan satu lagi, never talk about money. IF YOU THINK I AM DESPERATED FOR MONEY, YOU FOOL! I HAVE MY OWN MONEY AND I NEVER EVER DISTURBED YOURS! 
Dan kalau kau ade perasaan 'care' kepada seorang kawan, kau takkan update mcm tu. Aku sedih.

Life has always been about 'YES' and 'NO'.
You have to choose. It's objective. You say 'YES' if you want to keep befriends with me.